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September 28, 2009

Is It A Woman’s World?

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Is  it  a woman’s world?

It depends on where the woman is born or how she handles herself. For example if she’s born in United States Of America, she have opportunities of good education K-12,  freedom of speech, support groups, and much more. In these situations it’s a heaven to a woman.

But if she’s born in an unfortunate country or city, like Bangladesh, Africa or Pakistan, where education is only for male. Parents or should I say Men of the family think that what a woman would do by getting education? Those countries see woman as a machine for producing babies, or maid to take care their house and kids, or even not worthy. In this type of situations, it’s definitely not a woman’s world. It’s more like misery and hell to her!

It can be opposite.  Many women from educated and prosperous countries like China, UAE, UK, are born in poverty or strict  family rules and can’t explore the opportunities their country offers and can’t fulfill their dreams and cannot discover themselves. On the other hands, many women develop themselves personally and professionally because their parents were educated and knew what the education  and love can do for their daughters. These women are very fortunate to get the facilities  and care in miserable environments and less fortunate countries like India.

But in my view, whether your born in flourishing areas of the world or  poor places, you should take care of your rights. Make parents, husband, brothers or guardians understand how amazing and  achieving you are, and you can be one of the powerful woman of the world if they provide love, care and support. Don’t give up your independence for silly purposes, like when a men tells you that it’s your job to be lesser  than men and forget about your dreams. Don’t follow foolish rules. I’m not saying, don’t respect, love  or be obedient to parents, husband or brothers and I’m not saying do not listen to their advise. I just trying to tell you or guide you that please stand up for yourself when you think that they are taking advantage of your quietness and love. Do speak if you think they can destroy your dreams forever.

It’s hard to say if it’s women’s world or not.

But  many women like, My beloved Mom, born In Pakistan, was a very brave,  motivational, caring, loving and  spiritual person, I ever met in my life. She never gave up on any difficulty she faced. And always told us to succeed and be brave, caring and kind. God Bless Her!

Other personalities like Hillary Clinton (USA), Mother Teresa (India), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Begum Khaleda Zia (Bangladesh), have proved with their hard work and motivation that they are a powerful and worthy woman.

Some of the links you can visit about these successful women:

Hillary Clinton

1. Mother Teresa

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3. Mother Teresa

Muhtarma  Benazir Bhutto

Begum Khaleda Zia

Send your chosen powerful women. Even anybody only you know not the world. Your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, any one who never gave up her rights.  And I’ll publish here!

September 16, 2009

Very Good Example

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Whitney Houston is a very good example of  brave, courageous and hopeful woman!

I want my Pakistani women to be like her. No matter who say that you’re worthless or useless, don’t let them destroy your life or even  control it!

Whether its your father, brother, husband, uncle or even son, no man  can take away your rights to be happy, hopeful and live a flourishing  life.

Whitney Houston went through torture, disrespect, stress, addiction but she picked herself up, stand on her feet, took action against her misery and succeeded.

I want Pakistan’s women to never give up. and support of your love ones who care and are there for her. I’m with you!

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