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June 26, 2011

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Victim Women of Pakistan

Jamaat-e-Islami: Foe Or Friend Of Pakistan’s Women?

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Jamaat-e-Islami, an Islamic political movement founded in  August 26, 1941, today it’s one of the largest religious parties of Pakistan. And being a President of largest Islamic religious party Qazi Hussain and his companion doing everything that keeps Pakistani women under  “MEN
ORDER“ just like world order. They’re always putting  obstacles in the way of  Pakistani women’s liberty. They even don’t let girls go to regular schools, in fear that maybe Women of Pakistan will modernize. They’re pushing them to attend MADRASA.
Sometimes Qazi Hussain  say “it’s important to do hijab in schools”. And sometimes they’re just saying the ridiculous things like, “domestic violence is a private issue and if a women is a good wife, why will anyone want to beat
or burn her?”

About 82 percent of women in rural Punjab, feared violence resulting from husband’s anger over slight matters. In the most urbanized areas of Pakistan, fifty-two percent women confessed being beaten by husbands. Husbands or in-laws interfere with gas stoves so the cooker explodes in the face of a woman as she turns it on to cook. In these cases murders are made to look like suicides and are concealed by husbands. While killings are not usually sanctioned in
the laws of the land, judges often deliver littlest sentences. Mostly the injury is stamp out to a technical fault in the cooker. There are new burning cases everyday. The majority of women don’t make it.

So what I’m trying to ask Jamaat-e-Islami is, “Are all women defiant, dire and indecorous to men? And suppose if they are, so husband can give divorce; get separated; send woman to her home, but directly he’s burning her, murdering her and sending her from this world. Your saying
wives are not good so why can’t wives complaint that their husbands are not benevolent, kind or attentive?” All because the Pakistani wives are compromising and polite. The harmless wife, takes care of his home, cooks, mops and tries to keep him contented but argumentative husband keeps complaining and doesn’t reward her with love or care. He just gives her death.

In November 1997, Mussarrat Bibi, a pregnant woman and mother of three, was beaten to death by villagers who  had  so called religious belief  against adultery   because of  some false rumors of her immoral behavior. Actually the real reason for her death was that she had refused to work for local landlords without payment, so they spread the rumors.

What kind of society Qazi hussain  and his party want to create where the husbands, brothers, even fathers show such inhumanity towards their own daughters, sisters, wives and even mothers, in the name of social, religious, or political  beliefs.
It’s truly shameful!

April 23, 2011

Innocent Killed once again!

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Again these butchers killed two innocent, young lovers who loved each other. And tried to hide their love from their parents and surrounding people.  But love is fragrance and you can’t control fragrance to reach others. Especially in Pakistani society, where people have HABIT of interfering in others business, word gets out very easily.

There are two lovers who escaped Karachi. Frightened from own family.  Parents who are supposed to be the most beloved ones, who support you and promise to take away all hurdles from their Child’s way, but these Pakistani parents especially fathers, have tribal mentality. They will not allow love of boy and a girl.  But if somebody want to do this mistake or sin, as they see it, they have to die.  No mercy!

So finally these lovers, who escaped from Swat Area, got caught by family members and got brutally murdered after torture.  And their bodies were thrown in trash like a left over meal which got infected.

According to local police girl was wearing Henna (Mehandi) which women wear when they get married. So question is, if they were married so there is no sin involved in their relationship!  So why they deserve to die?

That means,  it is not religious matter! What is the motivation for their murder?  The answer is “tribal narrow minded thinking”.

It will continue till next generation unless we as a woman take stand for it.  And as a mother, raise our kids without tribal thinking.   I have a hope sooner or later that day will come, but not without raising our voices.

March 12, 2011

Muslim Cheaters!

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My fellow Pakistanis,

I am always  sad to hear about Muslim and especially Pakistan’s cheaters.

Did you heard about  what happen to those thousands of pilgrims who went on Hajj after paying the money that they saved from many years,  penny by penny but when they arrived in Saudi Arabia,  they got surprise.  They did not  have any tent for them , no water to drink or cleaning, no buses and  worst,  they don’t have any toilet to use, you can imagine after paying all their money they got nothing, so Hajji  wearing Ahram in a country which they don’t know the language,  they  were looking for these agents and stuff that they paid in advance for, so what these innocent Hajji did,  they cry, they sat down on road and block the traffic.  Saudi government took immediate action and contacted Pakistani  government officials  and complaint about this event. But no one took responsibility.

The point here is that,  these government official who have equal share in this fraud,  are already rich people and they have everything.  So why they still need negative money ?  How big is their hunger for money? Where is their religious teaching? Who says ‘Muslims are best of all’!

On the other hand,  you have people who are not Muslims but their service for humanity is for everybody. Even the person they helping is from different religion but still they keep doing it, spending millions dollars from their personal account (not looting from innocent people) for only one interest         “ help the humans”.

Few example are,  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, facebook   creator  Mark Zuckerberg are working practically for the betterment of human kind regardless of their religion and race. And now on the other hand we as a  Muslim,  helps  only a  Muslim person with a lots of  show off and popularity.  Tell me how many Muslim people or countries or organizations helping in Africa,  where they don’t have proper meal, drinking water and have lots of infectious diseases ? The answer is NONE!

Bill Gates and  Matt Damon, who are Non-Muslim are helping there. There are many other examples you will find around the world if you are interested to know but I am sure after knowing  these facts you will hate Pakistani government and religious people,  and will give a second thought. I just want to know, “ Are Muslims  the best”? I don’t think so.

January 8, 2011

Extremists’ Foolishness

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Aasia Bibi blasphemy case,  another example of violence against women and it is a shameful example of using Islam to punish an innocent.

This is   not what Allah (God) said or what Islam says!  It is a symbol of hatred against other religions, and thinking that only Islam is the greatest and Superior  religion.

Please take action and release an innocent woman so she can get back to her family. Go to Amnesty and Human Rights and take action! I know I will!

Watch these news links:

September 19, 2010

Pakistani people are destroying themselves!

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How can a human destroy a human? How can man destroy  other man’s future? Humans can be cruel but not a human from Pakistan! That’s what Pakistani Muslims used to believe but things have changed. Pakistan  is going towards disaster.

In Pakistan,  leaders are criminals! They are not guiding people;   but alluring them towards war and terror. People are killing innocents each and every day now. They are taking law in their own hands because the so- called extremists leaders were only focusing on their richness and bright future of their families only. Citizens are ignored for far too long, which is resulting into man killing their own kind.  It has to stop before innocent people lose their lives and future.

Now it’s not only women but everyone;  even children are not safe in their own homeland,  they used to believe was pure with peace.

March 9, 2010

International Women’s Day!

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The International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to view what progress we did or how we helped the women around the world or even in our own community,  or even in our own home.

Sometimes when  look  around our surroundings, we observed that sisters, mothers, wives and even maids are treated with disrespect, humiliation, seduced and killed every minutes. On this unanimous day do something special for the victim and less fortunate women. Gather friends and family members and do a charity or fundraiser.  Distribute love and adore your mother,  sisters, wives and even maids. Maids are earning money and working to support their family. You don’t own them. This is their job, so, be a good, generous, and respectful boss.  Raise your voice or pen to criticize men and politics who are treating women as a third class citizen and treating them with rubbish and torture. A very good example is Pakistan’s men and politics: killing and abusing women every second.  Pakistan’s television channel “GEO” is showing women as modernized creature, giving them opportunity to be an equal citizen and human, but politicians and religious extremists tried to close the channel many times, criticizing it of following Western footsteps of countries like United States and Britain.  But GEO is not giving up. That’s what I’m talking about. Why only few are willing to support freedom and equality for women?   Why few? United States is most freed country for women, I ever witnessed. That’s for sure!

Happy International Women’s Day, to my fellow women from every side of the country they’re suffering in, and each and every corner of the World.  I’m always with you.

Here are some links to view this day:

The First Women’s Day

White House Celebration

Pakistani Women Struggle

Donate and Help

December 26, 2009

I Hate To Say But…

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But men don’t care for their wives, mother, sisters or any women at all.  Not all men but most. Women have to stand for themselves especially in primitive and less fortunate countries. My friends and I did a seminar few days ago. In which we tried to reach Mexican, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and victim women of different places.  Few women came.  These women were shy,  had no confidence and were afraid to give their opinion against men. When the seminar  was over, we felt happiness and relieve on those simple and kind   faces.  I’m telling you this so you can do something  to make a change. It doesn’t have to  be a big seminar. It can  be in your club house or in friend’s or your backyard. Find women who are suffering from pain and burden of life. Show them life is beautiful and you just have to say no to terror and abuse men in your life trying to give. Help them and you’ll feel better yourself!

November 11, 2009

Honor Killings

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These killings are true hatred towards women kind. Men are supposed to be loving father, caring brothers, affectionate husband and great uncles but they are turning into vicious animals, coward killers and terrible humankind.

Women are same and equal creation of GOD. And they should be allowed to live freely with liberty of speech and actions. Who will stand against illiterate ,men of certain countries who murder women in name of religion. But religion does not allow this neither does God.

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